maandag 12 oktober 2015

An Invite from Aruba! April 2015 To teach a Permaculture course.

Last march 2015

I received an enthousiastic email from Daryl from Aruba!
A question about when I was gonna give an other permaculture course. I told him we were working on it. A week later I received via my facebook fan page ( I received an other message from Aruba of Roos. At that moment it was clear that I needed to go to Aruba for some teaching.

One month later I was staying at Roos's lovely house and cats, dogs... getting ready for a full week of teaching on Aruba an island which is even dryer than Curacao. We had a great group of 15 eager to learn course participants. They REALY wanted to LEARN the how te deal with dryness garden technics of permaculture.
In the meantime we are 6 months further wondering how their gardens and houses are looking.

Maybe I should ask them to sent me some pictures of their homes ;-)

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