maandag 12 oktober 2015

Second " Ecology gardening based on permaculture" Course on Curaçao

So great that we have our second enthousiastic  group!

The first week was about what permaculture is and all the amazing Principles and off course the ethics, The week before about geology of Curaçao, it is so good to know how where when curacao started to exist. Last week we had a 4 hour mooring session about soils and composting.
The people were very keen on learning about this. I am so proud of them that they went on all the way till 12.15. They were working hard in the sun. But they insisted to go on and Finnish up the job!
So from now on there will me more and people creating their compost on curaçao and reducing  their waste. YESS!!!!

Can't wait till Thursday evening to give the next workshop!

An Invite from Aruba! April 2015 To teach a Permaculture course.

Last march 2015

I received an enthousiastic email from Daryl from Aruba!
A question about when I was gonna give an other permaculture course. I told him we were working on it. A week later I received via my facebook fan page ( I received an other message from Aruba of Roos. At that moment it was clear that I needed to go to Aruba for some teaching.

One month later I was staying at Roos's lovely house and cats, dogs... getting ready for a full week of teaching on Aruba an island which is even dryer than Curacao. We had a great group of 15 eager to learn course participants. They REALY wanted to LEARN the how te deal with dryness garden technics of permaculture.
In the meantime we are 6 months further wondering how their gardens and houses are looking.

Maybe I should ask them to sent me some pictures of their homes ;-)

The first "Ecological gardening based on Permaculture" on Curacao

A year ago ( Oktober 2014) , my old school mate and I were sitting together to see how we can combine our knowledge en we created a fun ecological course on Curacao.

It was 6 times and each time about 3 up to 4 hours.

Before we knew it we were fully booked!
Michelle was teaching about the ecology and about local plants you can eat. Leon was teaching the geology of Curaçao and I was teaching Permaculture design.

What a great time we had.
Also we created a closed group on Facebook where the people who followed the course can join and share ask. A good way to stay in touch with each other.