vrijdag 4 juli 2014

News of the Community Building Project "Prome ku mi muri mi ke...."

We had some great news this week about the community building project  "Before I die I want to..."

We were in the news!
It is so great to give some Positive news for Curaçao and it is even world wide ;-)

I would love to invite you to go to this link if you want to read it:

Update the piece of land! The Moringa!

A very small update!

The last weeks I've been measurering the land more and more. Offcourse doing lots of observations taking note pictures etc.

We already have some volunteers helping out. Also working on the legal issues... those are very important too.
Next to that creating a master Design. Every week new surprises are appearing.
The contourline map with the constructions are almost ready! Thanks to the help of a very nice friend of mine ;-)

Let the design begin!

SEA = Students' Enviroment Awareness Curaçao

SEA Curacao organises "lessons outside", by taking the material out of the bookthe students out of theclassroom and the teachers out of the traditional school systemDuring those lessons students are offered the curriculum in an alternative way and location, close to their interests and experiencesThe goal is to motivatethe students to make a success of their schoolcareer!

Beroots is Volunteering this amazing project on Curaçao.

It was so nice to see the children at Shete Boka becoming more aware of their surroundings. For some children it was the very first time to be here. It was a big adventure for them.
I feel so lucky that I was able to volunteer on this project.

If you are interested to see more pictures just go to the tab: Community building projects under "Services"!