vrijdag 4 juli 2014

News of the Community Building Project "Prome ku mi muri mi ke...."

We had some great news this week about the community building project  "Before I die I want to..."

We were in the news!
It is so great to give some Positive news for Curaçao and it is even world wide ;-)

I would love to invite you to go to this link if you want to read it:

Update the piece of land! The Moringa!

A very small update!

The last weeks I've been measurering the land more and more. Offcourse doing lots of observations taking note pictures etc.

We already have some volunteers helping out. Also working on the legal issues... those are very important too.
Next to that creating a master Design. Every week new surprises are appearing.
The contourline map with the constructions are almost ready! Thanks to the help of a very nice friend of mine ;-)

Let the design begin!

SEA = Students' Enviroment Awareness Curaçao

SEA Curacao organises "lessons outside", by taking the material out of the bookthe students out of theclassroom and the teachers out of the traditional school systemDuring those lessons students are offered the curriculum in an alternative way and location, close to their interests and experiencesThe goal is to motivatethe students to make a success of their schoolcareer!

Beroots is Volunteering this amazing project on Curaçao.

It was so nice to see the children at Shete Boka becoming more aware of their surroundings. For some children it was the very first time to be here. It was a big adventure for them.
I feel so lucky that I was able to volunteer on this project.

If you are interested to see more pictures just go to the tab: Community building projects under "Services"!

dinsdag 27 mei 2014

DAY 3, Land measurements with our very first VOLUNTEER Christina from Germany!

Yesterday we could not finish all the work. The land is so big that we had to come back and measure more and more.
It was a special day today! We had our very very official first volunteer YEAH! Christina from Germany.
She did such a great job. Even though she was not used to all the insane thorns. She completely went for it! She was a very big hand for us! Thanks a lot Chirstina! an I hope you learned something from it!

She got so excited that she is now doing a research on how to get more compost material. Her little project is about to collect kitchen scraps from sailing boats and how it will get to our land so we can create more healthy soils in the future! Thank you so much!

DAY 2, Land measurements!

Last week, It was the week of the land measurements! Friday May 23th 2014

We measured the whole land! Every little corner... Walking in the sun, screaming to each other how many meters we are away from each other... walking trough the KNUNUKU.
Also in the meantime exploring all the landscape and creating ideas for the design.

It was a great experience and Boyke gave us a great treat! A fresh coco nut peeled and well from our own land! What a treat to receive when you are dehydrated.

Enjoy the pictures <3

zaterdag 24 mei 2014

Article written by reporter Mark Olalde


Recently a reporter passed by... He(Mark Olalde) wrote this amazing article about my friend Erle Rahaman-Noronha and me called :

Permaculture Poised to Conquer the Caribbean

If  it makes you curious I would love to invite you for a visit of one of  these websites.

Working in Erle's Farm was a very good experience I came back twice and we are still looking for a way to work together.

One day it will happen ;-)





A piece of land!

I am sooo excited!
It looks like I finally found a piece of land I can use and start implementing an amazing Permaculture Pilot project to show people how you can live more sustainable trough the eyes of Permaculture.

Together with a good friend of mine we are going to do it!
He is working under the name Sustainable projects!

We experienced or walked into the same issues like talking with a lot of business people, people with big wonderful plans but sadly always waiting for long times to happen something cause people with wonderful plans but who are still waiting to start because of a lot of different reasons.  I do not have a lot of patience, I am more a hands on person. We decided to do it the other way around. Not starting from above but starting from the ground. The ROOTS.

I 've been documenting, observing, thinking of permaculture sites for so many years now. It is very important to bring more sustianability in mankind and not to forget community building. We want to start. It is very "simple".

I feel so lucky that we have this piece of land where we just can start with creating a PC Design. It will be a hands on mentality. Even though we don't have money  we are starting. Starting with scaling the land and creating the PC design with it's future plans. As I mentioned in my TEDx talk last September My dream is to have in the future a teachers centre on Curaçao & Caribbean where people can learn, follow workshops, study, hands on experience where we can spread the knowledge.
Maybe... maybe this is the start!!  We are going for it. Beroots- Permaculture and Sustainable projects!

Have a look at the land on the pictures.

donderdag 22 mei 2014

International permaculture conference in Cuba ( IPC 11)

Time is flying so fast!

So I need to update for sure. Lot's of exciting things are happening at the moment.
But I need to write  first a little bit about the IPC 11 in Cuba!

It was such an amazing experience. The whole trip! It was my first time in Cuba. A place where I wanted to go already for a very very long time.
It is an very very interesting, inspiring, beautiful, sad, confusing, powerful place. I would say go there and have look and  create your own opinion.

For now all about the IPC 11.

The conference:

So many people, from all around the world, meeting each other give me alway goose spongs(?) Sorry not a native English speaker.
Amazing to meet all my friends I haven't seen for a long time. Running into my pc teachers. Seeing friends I thought I would not see for a much longer time.  Form Australia, Europe, U.S. Caribbean... they were all there. People hugging and greeting. People full op pos. pc energy. So many... 400 in total I wished I could meet them all. Even on the last day I was running into more very very interesting people. Gush! So amazing.

3 Days of wonderful talks. Being proud of seeing a friend of mine who I met in Portugal in my class giving this amazing talk. Listening to other peoples talks, inspiration everywhere. From Roberto Perrez to Andy gold ring, Helder Valente, Albert Bates, Robyn Francis, Robin Cleyfield, Darren Doherty, Marisha Auerbach Stuart Wilson and many many more. Taking notes all day long... in the breaks while waiting in the line getting to know people, exchange information, websites and a great networking way.

I loved to meet lot's of people from the Caribbean and connect.  Exchanging simular experiences. One of the days I was sitting in the Panel talking about permaculture Islands in the Caribbean. Talking about the problems we encounter in the Caribbean. A problem of climate, the way we are depended on importing our food, the super multi mix of cultures, the salty winds etc etc

The confergence:   

After a long nice trip in 4 busses we arrived to a nice place where we were sleeping in shared Cabana's very close to the beach!
There were lots of different places where they were giving lectures at the same time. It was not easy to choose! I wished I could follow them all. It was a big marathon of wonderful stories, meeting people, ideas.
After the lectures at the end of the they it hardly stopped. There were more meetings organized. One for example was a meeting of all the permaculturists of Latin-America (LA). Talking, brainstorming about how to find a way to connect better and  find a slow green sustainable transformation in LA. Maybe you can almost call it a green revolution.


The Permaculture tours:
The group was so big that we had to split the busses. So one big group went to the other side and rest the an other site... half way we met for lunch together and we were split up again.
It is a good sign that there is so much interest. From all the urban gardens and rural places, finca's I received so many ideas!  Together with  all the Ideas from all over the world... I am ready to implement  it  on Curaçao once I find my piece of land.  I hope in this way I can help to bring in some awareness  at the people on how to live in a sustainable environment.  This is so important.
I feel closely connected to all the pc people in the world. It feels like a kind of mundial family where we are supporting each other on our path ways to achieve sustainability.  I am very thankful that I had this opportunity.