vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Beroots is Teaching how to Compost on Curacao to 122 people in small groups!

 Teaching on compost was a fun day! The people were so interested in what compost was and how it works. I was lucky to be able to teach in small groups of 20 people so I could give them the full attention! In total there were 122 people! Hopefully more companies will organize a day like this for their employees! In this way we can approach more people. There were a lot of other amazing speakers that day!!! About Recycling, how to eat healthy, sport etc....

Some sneak preview about the the TEDx talk soon there will be a link posted!

Soon there will be a link posted about the TED talk about Permaculture on Curacao!

TEDxcity2.o 20 sept 2013

The TEDxcity2.o got by beroots surprise lots of media attention!

vrijdag 13 september 2013

                                   9 sept 2013  A publication on Curacao! 

dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

30-07-2013 Beroots is teaching peramculture at "Tuma Mi Man" Daycare school.

The children were so sweet and very involved with the permaculture lesson. At the end of the lesson they all came to me to ask for more seeds for their own home-made clubhouse and at home. It is so nice knowing that even if they don't have any pots that they still can create their own by RE-CYCLING their own from an old Juice or Milk package.  Who knows they inspire their parents to start too ;-)

23-07-2013 Teaching peramculture at Finca del Sol vacation plan.

It was a again a big success that Beroots was teaching permaculture at Finca del Sol!  As you can see the children loved to build and understand how to build a compost heap! YES!