vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

Beroots is Teaching how to Compost on Curacao to 122 people in small groups!

 Teaching on compost was a fun day! The people were so interested in what compost was and how it works. I was lucky to be able to teach in small groups of 20 people so I could give them the full attention! In total there were 122 people! Hopefully more companies will organize a day like this for their employees! In this way we can approach more people. There were a lot of other amazing speakers that day!!! About Recycling, how to eat healthy, sport etc....

Some sneak preview about the the TEDx talk soon there will be a link posted!

Soon there will be a link posted about the TED talk about Permaculture on Curacao!

TEDxcity2.o 20 sept 2013

The TEDxcity2.o got by beroots surprise lots of media attention!