vrijdag 28 juni 2013

20130628 Update!

After doing some research on island we find the perfect spot!!!! For next season 's Green Kids permaculture Fun!

The teaching centre under the palapa!

Future Kids Garden!

Future Kids Garden!


vrijdag 14 juni 2013

2013 3 June, Teaching children at a Childrens home

It was a very exciting day!
Teaching the childeren in a Childrens home how to plant a seed in recycled boxes & bottles. Explaining what where food comes from! They were so thankful and happy!

2013 29 May, Workshop about how to build an A-frame & how it works
Walking around at the working site during sunset I found my wonderful sticks! I just needed 3 strong sticks. Some nails, a hammer, string, pencil and a piece of metal! Off we go!

2013 15 May, Workshop building a compost heap

Before I started to give the workshop I had to collect my materials! Driving around in the neighborhood, scouting for good compost stuff.
I was so lucky! I drove in a street where they just did some side road maintenance, fresh greens were laying in the sun waiting for me to be picked up!
My neighbor gave me also some fresh grass clippings and a farm owner offered me some wonderful cow manure.
The night before the workshop I was so lucky to get some rain. I rushed out the house, put all kind of coolboxes to catch the rainwater. I was ready to go!!! Waiting for the mama's-with-kids to arrive and give them a hands on workshop about compost!